As each year passes, it has become clearer that Israeli statehood includes permanent control of the West Bank and the continued seizure of Gaza. For decades Israeli politicians have posed the question 'one state or two states?' whilst forcibly annexing more territory each passing year and simultaneously placing Israeli citizens into illegal settlements within private Palestinian territories in violation of international law. This demonstrates the impossibility the Israeli government poses against the existence of a viable Palestinian state.

Israel has redefined Palestinian statehood to include ever less territory and ever less sovereignty. Each year as the Palestinian population increases, Palestinian land size decreases. It is now estimated that 40% of Israeli settlements are built on Private Palestinian land. The age old 'two-state' solution no longer offers a legitimate alternative to Israels current path.

In May last year, the Israeli government announced it's plans to annex 280km squared of private Palestinian land in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. That is a total land size greater than Paris, Athens, Copenhagen and Porto together. As a result of the illegal and sustained annexation of Palestinians land, Al Gharib is eager to announce it's second release 'Palestine', a 35 track compilation seeking to raise awareness towards Israel's illegal annexation of private Palestinian land.

ALL the funds generated from the 'Palestine' CD & Bandcamp sales will be distributed to our friends at Olive Kids who are an Australian registered volunteer only organisation dedicated to improving the lives of Palestinian children in Palestine and in refugee camps within neighbouring countries through financial support, education and medical assistance.

Olive Kids are partnered with Al-Amal Institute for Hope, an orphanage based in Gaza advancing lifesaving support to Palestinian orphans. A large portion of the funds will be distributed by Olive Kids to Al-Amal Institute to sponsor orphans at their orphanage. These funds will be used to cover a bed for residence at the orphanage, food and water for the child, educational classes for the year, medicine and psychiatric support, clothing, stationary and transport to the orphanage. The remaining funds will be directed towards Olive Kids' 'Gaza Emergency Appeal', a project seeking to purchase 6000 hygiene packages, 600 food packages, 2,000 COVID-19 tests and fuel for hospital generators.